The new Power Box Energy Store

BARSOL Products & Services are proud to announce that a solar photovoltaic solar system can now power your lights during evening periods.

We are offering a purpose designed "add-on" unit called a "Power Box Energy Store" which is capable of delivering up to 1 Kilowatt of power at 240 volts A/C — without consuming fossil fuels or contributing to any CO2 emissions.

A second version will be available later which utilises a new technology and requires no battery storage. Sizes of up to 4 Kilowatt output are planned using an additional "add-on" unit.

Either models can function as a "mainsfail" standby system in the event of a power cut, and can operate an oil fired or gas central heating boiler and pump. (Household wiring circuits need to be modified).

1 Kilowatt model prices start at £795.00 plus installation costs, which can be confirmed upon a satisfactory survey being carried out.

All installation work must be carried out via our network of accredited/approved electrical contractors.

For a free quotation and survey please call 01271 343377 or email your details to: Please include full name, address and telephone contact number.