Cold Stores

It has become increasingly apparent that there is a need to provide efficient cooling within buildings, due to global warming.

This can best be achieved by the use of coldstores.

Instead of throwing away the unwanted cold component to atmosphere when operating a heat pump, it is possible to store this near zero negative temperature in a coldstore using a glycol solution. Also these systems can operate with photovoltaic solar panels and/or off peak night time electricity.

There are various sizes of units, which start at 250 litres.

Heatstores for heating assist. (Designed/installed)

Heatstores can be operated from hot water solar panels during daytime to provide assisstance to a 'wet' radiator or underfloor heating systems during the evening.

Many days have good solar weather but evening time requires heating within the building so this unit can further reduce running costs and fossil fuel consumption. we would like to see this option to be made mandatory on all buildings/offices.

Available unit sizes range from 250 litres up to 800/1000 or more.