Heating your water cylinder directly from your solar PV panels!

At Barum solarheat we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in alternative energies and we are always experimenting and looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of existing technology.

For example, our latest innovation enables a SOLAR PV SYSTEM to AUTOMATICALLY HEAT WATER! With our new unique system installed your immersion heater will automatically come on to heat your water when enough energy is available, which means you can now take full advantage of the free solar energy that your PV system generates!

For many people this will mean that there's now a viable alternative to installing Solar Thermal Panels to heat their water.

Now that they can heat your water as well, there's never been a better time to invest in SOLAR PV SYSTEMS!

For more information on this exciting new development in alternative energies, or for a free quotation and survey please call 01271 343377 or email your details to: barumsolarheat@btconnect.com Please include full name, address and telephone contact number.